LTC (License to Carry) + Handgun 101


Class Date: February 13, 2021
Spartac offers a combination class, Handgun 101 + License To Carry, to Panola County and surrounding area residents.
This course is a six-hour class that will teach you the basic handgun fundamentals & increases your proficiency, while also certifying you to obtain your Texas License to Carry.
This combo course requires 100 rounds of ammunition. If you are unable to find or purchase ammo, Spartac does provide ammo for an additional charge for our students.

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Spartac provides the Texas Department of Public Safety (DPS) required classroom training and firearm qualification students need in order to obtain a Texas License to Carry a Handgun (LTC). The LTC course is to train and qualify a student to submit an application to the Texas Handgun Licensing Program. Upon completion, students will have the following materials required to submit their application:
Instructor certification for completed classroom curriculum.
Instructor certification for completed handgun qualification test.

LTC classes are NOT intended to train students on how to shoot a handgun. The qualification portion of the LTC course is required by the State of Texas in order to prove your ability to safely and properly handle and shoot a handgun.

Range Qualification Test Requirements (as mandated by the Texas DPS):
Total of 50 rounds fired at target (45″ high x 24″ wide)
Score of 175 out of 250 possible points (70 percentile) required to pass
Shooting stance from the ready position where the firearm is already in a position to fire

3 Yard Line – 20 Rounds
1 round in 2 seconds, 5 times (5 rounds total)
2 rounds in 3 seconds, 5 times (10 rounds total)
5 rounds in 10 seconds, 1 time (5 rounds total)
7 Yard Line – 20 Rounds
5 rounds in 10 seconds, 1 time (5 rounds total)
2 rounds in 4 seconds, 1 time (2 rounds total)
3 rounds in 6 seconds, 1 time (3 rounds total)
1 round in 3 seconds, 5 times (5 rounds total)
5 rounds in 15 seconds, 1 time (5 rounds total)
15 Yard Line – 10 Rounds
2 rounds in 6 seconds, 1 time (2 rounds total)
3 rounds in 9 seconds, 1 time (3 rounds total)
5 rounds in 15 seconds, 1 time (5 rounds total)

What to bring:
A semi-automatic handgun or revolver of any caliber in good repair and has no modifications that will make the handgun less safe.
Safety glasses (available to borrow)
Ear protection that covers your ears (available to borrow)
Footwear that entirely covers both feet
50 rounds of commercially produced ammunition
Time: 6 hours
Age: 21+

Handgun 101, The Basics is the first step in building your training foundation. This class is designed for the new shooter, for the shooter that may have owned a handgun for a while but never received proper training, or for the shooter that wants a refresher.

We will develop perfect basic pistol marksmanship fundamentals, perform magazine changes, live-fire rounds from multiple distances, and more.

This class is divided into two sessions. The classroom session, lasting 60 to 75 minutes, allows students to practice the fundamentals of grip, stance, sight picture, and trigger control in a “dry handling” session. During the live-fire session, students will have the opportunity to handle, load, and fire several different types of handguns in .22 caliber and will fire up to 50 rounds of ammunition in order to build skill and competence. The course concludes with a wrap-up session in the classroom to review lessons learned and answer any questions that students may have.

Prerequisites: None

What to bring:

  1. Pistol
  2. 50 rounds of ammo
  3. close-toed shoes

Spartac provides:

  1. Eye and Ear Protection